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"You have helped me to discuss my issues and the past. I've loved knowing every week you would be there to listen"​ 

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I value myself so much more now"

"I really value your contributions. You seem to me to be a natural therapist with great instincts for what is going to be helpful for the individuals you are working with" 

"Kizzi is the sort of person who you feel like you've been friends with for years. I felt straight away that I could trust her, and I usually find trust very difficult She is kind, understanding and easy to talk to without fear of judgement" 

"I have worked with different counsellors in the past but found the dynamic of the relationship built with Kizzi and the setting of our sessions to be exactly what I needed. An environment where I felt safe, relaxed and comfortable to share the root of my problems with her and work through my personal battles with complete and absolute support."

"The experience for me is immeasurable in its benefit to my mental health and approach to my physical health. I have walked out of my last session as a new and improved version of the person who walked in months previously."

"I have been able to understand and identify patterns of behaviour in myself and others that put me in situations that can cause my anxiety and chronic illness to be at risk of increasing.

I’ve discovered my own self-worth and inner voice allowing me to communicate with more conviction to individuals in all areas of my life without sacrificing my own feelings and emotions."


"These skills were in desperate need of practising and would not have been as deep rooted and ingrained within me now without the ongoing encouragement and advice I received with Kizzi."

"Extremely helpful, compassionate and constructive. I have seen quite a number of therapists over the last 20 years and Kizzi is the first counsellor I have come across who keeps it very structured and focused on the issues at hand. Because of this it meant that I didn’t need as many sessions as I anticipated I would need and Kizzi has helped me see things from a very different perspective in a very short space of time, which I have not experienced before.


Kizzi, as a person and as a service she provides, has a very warm, welcoming and comforting approach which helps put you at ease straight away and allows you to open up to things maybe you couldn’t before "