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Welcome, thank you for visiting my website. If you are reading this the likelihood is that you are searching for something or looking to initiate some kind of change in your life or your relationships.

As an Integrative therapist I will work to help you integrate all the aspects of your self to help you to make peace with the parts of yourself that you may currently feel you are at odds with. Those seeking counselling are usually looking to make a change in themselves that will be felt and reflected in their close personal relationships outside of the counselling room.



I have experience of working with the LGBTIQ community, especially with non binary and gender fluid related issues. I have helped people who are struggling with issues around sexuality and gender, in particular in regards to how we see ourselves and our roles within our relationships.


I have experience of working with young people and adults. I have worked in pastoral care in a STEM school in Reading, which has helped me gain an understanding of the difference in how ASD appears in girls and young women.


I have experience of working with victims of crime - I currently work for Thames Valley Police and much of my work with this client group is related to rape, sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation. Often these clients have begun to speak about their experiences later in life and when they become parents they find that the experiences they were subjected to become magnified. This can make them reflect on what happened to them in a different life and is often difficult and painful to re-experience as parents.


I have experience working within CAMHS seeing children and young people who have seriously self harmed or attempted to end their lives in hospital and community settings. An important aspect of this role is to understand the wider landscape of these children's lives and connect the dots between the psycho- social elements of their worlds. I also offer support to the parents at this most difficult time, managing the needs of their children, larger family and dealing with their own emotions at the same time.


I currently work for  NHS Talking Therapies as a High Intensity Counsellor working with adults offering short term work. I have experience of offering online and telephone therapy, including working with related confidentiality issues and understanding of the boundaries and pluses of this method of working.

If you wish to contact me for an initial chat please call or email me; details are on the contact page.


I look forward to working with you soon.

Warmest wishes

Kizzi Johannessen